Iran's economic situation and injustice will lead to a revolution, regime insider says

In an interview with the Iranian regime's state-run news agency Etemad Online on May 25, 2020, Mohammad Reza Mortazavi, head of Iran Flour Association and Iran’s Center of Food Industries Associations, discussed Iran's economic corruption and the plight of workers and the situation of mid-class families. He concluded that the ongoing economic situation in Iran and the injustice will lead to a revolution.
The interview was removed from Etemad Online website shortly after publication.

The following is parts of his interview:

I believe the workers’ circumstances are very poor and this is unforgivable that we neglect this branch of our society. Workers are trying to make ends meet with 25 million rials (around $145)...

In my opinion in Iran unfortunately, despite all our slogans, the utmost cruelty is being imposed on the middle class, the teachers, workers, those with daily wages.

One of the main indexes for each nation to learn about where that country is heading is to see the social gaps and the lifestyle of different classes.

In Iran, there are rich pceople—I personally come from a very rich family and the most modern fodder, farms and factories belonged to my father—and I’m seeing things that I’ve never seen before.

I was in touch with rich people in the U.S. and Europe, but the rich lifestyle I’m witnessing in Iran is unprecedented anywhere in the world.

I have been in contact with the richest people in Europe and other countries, it's not like the disaster we’re witnessing in areas around Tehran.

We are seeing things today, such as a wall that is worth all my family’s fortunes. This shows that the country’s riches are controlled by a very few, and I’ve said this many times on TV, that these controlled riches are in the hands of individuals who care nothing about Iran.

I have seen places where elevator fees are equal to the salary of 40 workers. This is segregation and stolen money… This is harmful in two ways: one is that a worker sees his assets decreasing with each passing day while witnessing how others live such lifestyles.

This will cause haterade and this hatred will lead to a revolution!

If you ask me, in my opinion, this shows that a large amount of money entered Iran during these years and was stolen by a limited few.

This social barrier that is suffocating the middle class is one of the elements preventing prosperity across the country.

In a society where people seek job opportunities, or to establish factories… if you want to launch a factory everyone says good for you! Common sense says good for you! The leader says good for you! Our officials will be so happy. Then they’ll say so you want to launch a factory? Good for you! However, you need to pay up to launch a factory so you can get authorization for the construction. Why do you need to pay for such authorization? The factory hasn’t been built yet and you have to pay for the authorization?!

If you explain this anywhere in the world, they’ll laugh at you. The municipal is asking for money while we have yet to use any municipality assets. Under the table, on the table, both! All in order to have the authorization issued.

When you go to the Ministry of Agriculture, they say to launch a factory you have to pay fees to change the land’s functionality. They will rip you off for everything. They’re destroying the country’s natural resources, cutting down the trees, all while we as the people are witnessing such measures. If you have gone towards the city of Fasham, they literally built a hotel in the middle of a river. But for someone like you who wants to launch a factory, they say you have to pay fees for the land’s functionality being changed.

 The imaginary rich elite and these collected riches, and this noble-like lifestyle we are witnessing in Iran, there’s no precedent anywhere in the world! May God be witness what I’m saying before this camera. The night party that I saw I don’t see anywhere else in the world.

I’m asking you, is there a correct manner of managing the riches in our country? No. Whoever sits on riches they received without lifting a finger does not pay taxes. Whoever is a thief does not pay taxes.

I’m not a very dignified person myself. I give myself a failing grade on social and moral issues. However, I think it isn’t right that a country sitting on such enormous wealth, with all the theft taking place it just doesn’t stop. Ever since Mr. Ahmadinejad’s tenure theft has become quite overt! It continues to this day and it is quite hard…

One day I was in a session with the government where I said ‘the money can be fixed, but the moralities that you are destroying cannot be fixed.’ A poor teacher! Workers who say they’re not being paid are lynched. And the person not paying these workers owns a castle!

Theft has been justified. As long as you’re paying MPs &  then you say you silence the MPs with money, all hell will break loose.

We are dirty, too. We can’t continue with our dirty measures, then tell the people to tolerate it!

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