1000 Ashrafs, 1000 bastions of resistance against tyranny

1000 Ashraf 1
Maryam Rajavi to the Grand Gathering in Paris 9 July 2016
Today, therefore, the question is not whether the ruling theocracy will be overthrown. The question is how we can reach that goal more quickly. We can do so by committing to the mantra of establishing. “1,000 Ashrafs;” thousands of bastions of rebellion and resistance against the ruling theocracy.
To achieve a free and just republic in Iran, we do not expect any miracles to happen. Nor do we expect any coincidental or chance occurrences in our favor. Our entire asset base consists of the Iranian nation and its vanguard children.
حماسه 10شهريور 1000اشرف
And this indeed gives us the greatest power in the world. So, we must expect
everything to be achieved with our own hands and through our own determination.
1000 Ashraf
This is why we must establish 1,000 Ashrafs.
The symbolism of establishing 1,000 Ashrafs really speaks to an attempt to unearth repressed potentials;
it means joining together the countless individuals who are currently scattered and disconnected, and it means encouraging people to invite real hope in their hearts and minds that the beast can be brought down. Yes, we can and we must.
1,000 Ashrafs means that we bring about the overthrow of the regime through the power of our people’s determination and their organized resistance movement. So, let me borrow from a poem by Bertolt Brecht“Resist, person in exile! Resist, person in prison; Resist wife sitting in your house; Resist displaced person; Resist, you who are shivering in the cold; you must prepare to take command now.”
The mantra of 1,000 Ashrafs offers both the blueprint for freedom, and the motivating force for the general uprising. It is the heavy hammer that will descend upon the ruling theocracy.

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