The massacre of 1988 in Iran will never be forgotten

Victims of 1988 Massacre in Iran
29 years have passed since the clerical regime committed a crime so grave that it has carved a permanent scar on the Iranian people's soul. The massacre of 1988. It all started with Khomeini’s death fatwa, all dissidents must die. It boils down to the mullahs fear of losing power, it was very important to get all opposition out of the way, nothing or no-one must threaten the clerical regime. Not then, not now.
The gravity of this crime against humanity is unpresidential, and the culprits are now serving in the current Iranian regime’s government. Many of the victims had already been sentenced to long prison terms before their execution. And the killers paid no attention if they murdered a pregnant woman or a child. The only thing that mattered for the killers was to execute as many of the opposition as possible in the shortest possible time. It is also a paradox that the persons guilty of murdering more than 30 000 MEK/PMOI members are the very same that is behind the recent wave of executions.

In December 2000, Hossein-Ali Montazeri published his memoirs. The book revealed shocking documents on the 1988 Massacre. His book does possess a unique legal and political value, he was the heir of Khomeini for ten years. He revealed several key documents on the way the massacre began and was conducted. «Whoever at any stage continues to belong to the Monafeqin [Mojahedin] must be executed. Annihilate the enemies of Islam immediately» Khomeini decreed. But beyond the revelation of certain key documents and facts, Montazeri attempts to whitewash the role of the highest levels of government in the carnage. His book was not the first news of this terrible crime, in the autumn of 1988 rumors began to leak through the iron curtain of the clerical regime and human rights organizations and the NGO was already voicing alarm over the mass executions in Iran and urging a full international inquiry.

1988 Massacre will never be forgotten

Montazari predicted in his letter of Agust 15, 1988 this: «such massacres without trial, particularly when the victims are prisoners and those in captivity, will definitely benefit them in the long run. The world will condemn us and they will be further encouraged to wage armed struggle. It is wrong to confront ideas and ideologies with killings.
The President-elect of the NCRI Maryam Rajavi have been urging governments and world leaders to seek justice for the victims of the 1988 massacre, the majority of the victims were PMOI/MEK members or supporters of PMOI. In her messages on twitter, Mrs. Rajavi said that the Call for Justice movement shattered the conspiracy of silence over the massacre, compelling the ruling clerics to confess to their complicity and they have repeatedly shaken up the regime. The justice seeking movement has their second anniversary these days and they are defeating the regime in many ways. Especially under the sham election as the nation embraced its slogan of «no to the executioner, no to the charlatan»
The justice seeking movement will never stop their work until the culprits of this hideous crime are brought to trial and prosecuted.

Source: Iran Freedom Echo Blog: The massacre of 1988 in Iran will never be forgotten.

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