Iran’s Revolution Parade: Regime Flaunts Nuclear-Capable Ballistic Missiles

NCRI - To mark the 39th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution, a ceremony took place in which the Iranian regime showcased a series of new homemade ballistic missiles, one of which is a nuclear-capable medium-range missile.

This comes just after a tense encounter where Israel shot down a drone that Iran had launched from Syria. Forces from Israel also led strikes on numerous Iranian targets across the Middle East.

The parade of weapons is reminiscent of the North Korean parades led by their dictator and the missiles unveiled by Iran are capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. This had led to experts saying that the Iranian regime is following in the footsteps of North Korea’s World War 3 technology.

Experts also say that the Iranian regime is trying to bounce back in a show of strength after the people of Iran took to the streets at the end of last month. Scattered protests against the dire economic situation in Iran quickly turned into large and widespread anti-government demonstrations in more than a hundred cities across the country.

At least one of the missiles would be able to hit Israel when fired from Iran, sparking worries about an imminent conflict between the two nations.

Leaders in the Iranian military said that a missile could be launched “from mobile platforms or silos in different positions”. They also bragged that they can evade missile defence shields because of “their radar-evading capability”.

After almost four decades, the regime has achieved nothing but strengthened military capabilities. It has failed in all other areas. Iran now has a huge arsenal of missiles and rockets.

The Ghadr 110 missile was flight-tested in March 2016 and controversially bore genocidal slogans against Israel.

The Fajr-5 rocket was also part of the parade. This rocket is used by Iran’s proxy groups that position themselves against Israel, such as Hezbollah and Hamas. It is a long-range artillery rocket that uses solid fuel for propulsion and can travel up to 75km.

The parade of weapons shows that Iran is determined and has the intentions of using then as coercion and deterrents.

The parade also shows that the Iranian regime is in a desperate situation. It knows that it cannot overcome the current unrest in the country and it is ramping up its efforts abroad. Dozens of people were killed and thousands of people were arrested. Although many detainees have been released, there are still many that are still incarcerated and waiting to be charged.

Numerous nations have voiced their concern about Iran’s arsenal of ballistic missiles which is the biggest in the region. Iran has the support of North Korea’s Kim Jong-un and the two nations have a technology-sharing agreement.

President Donald Trump’s administration has said that Iran’s access to ballistic missile technology must be addressed under the 2015 nuclear agreement. Trump has warned Europe that if this, and the other serious flaws of the deal, are not addressed, he will not hesitate to pull the US out of the agreement.

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