National fire festival and fear of the mullahs

The traditional feast of fire in Iran

Tuesday, March 13, marks the National fire festival in Iran. The fire festival is a national and traditional Persian celebration that is held on the eve of last Wednesday of the Persian calendar year. The mullahs' regime, which opposes all the Persian traditions, has been seeking to prevent the people from having celebration every year by arresting and threatening young people, but people still celebrate this traditional ceremony. This year the clerical regime is terribly terrified of the ceremony, and various regime’s officials have taken a position on this issue.

The cause of regime’s fear for this year’s event is that on 21 February 2018, the Social headquarter of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) inside Iran called on the youth to turn the celebration into a massive uprising against the regime.
Following this call, numerous regime officials entered the scene and, in various ways, threatened the people and the youth to prevent them from taking part in any uprising on this day.
 Hussein Ashtari, commander of the regime's police force, said:
'People who seek evil and intend to disrupt the order and peace on Wednesday eve must know that the security forces, with precise planning and judicial coordination, will prevent and act against them (Fars News Agency, February 28, 2018)
One of the Ministry of Intelligence websites, Habilian, clearly explained the cause of regime’s fear and wrote: 


'The recent call by the PMOI/MEK in regards to Wednesday eve celebration, points out to start of a new phase. Recent events and protests in Iran, somewhat associated with group vandalism, put the PMOI in a new direction.” (Habilian February 28, 2018)
What makes the regime fearful is the fact that the uprising is continuing and the PMOI is the key element for the continuation of the uprising. On January 9, in the midst of the uprising, Khamenei, the Supreme leader of regime in an unprecedented speech admitted that the uprising was organized and planned by the PMOI. He said:
“Evidences show that these issues had been organized, and a triangle was active in organizing it. One of the vertices of this triangle was the United States and the Zionists; the second vertex of the triangle is one of the richest governments in the Persian Gulf; and the third vertex is the Monafeqin Organization [PMOI], and they have been ready since months ago. 
They were ready since months ago; the media of the Monafeqin [PMOI] admitted it; they announced the call, and made the slogan “No to high prices”…They set up two command headquarters in Iran's neighborhood for organizing and operations. One of these sites was used to conduct operations in the cyberspace, and the second site was for conducting disturbances… Since a few months ago, they (were ready) to organize and go to meet this person and that one, and to select some people inside the country to help them to come and call on the people.”


Regime’s fear is real, because the root cause of the uprising still exist, and regime is not capable of solving the basic problems of the society. In such circumstances when the people are ready for uprising and an organized opposition exists to lead the people, regime must be fearful and this fear will continue up to the day of their overthrow.

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