With protests growing, Iran is facing the point of no return

This is the beginning of the end for Iran’s regime

Iran, June 3, 2018 - As strikes and protests expand across Iran and people from all walks of life lose their patience, the society’s explosive conditions have reached a point that this powder keg may explode at any moment.
This is an undeniable reality and a long slate of Iranian regime officials are acknowledging by voicing concerns.
“The people’s tolerance limit is decreasing and they are showing serious reactions to even the smallest issues,” said Ali Shakuri Rad, a former member of the Iranian regime’s so-called parliament. (State-run Bahar website – May 28)
Mohsen Armin, considering himself a “reformist,” is forecasting dangerous times ahead, referring to “complex crises and dilemmas” that have “unprecedently become intertwined.” (State-run Jamaran website – May 28)
Former Iranian trade minister Ali Sufi makes a reminder of the Dec/Jan protests.
“The people’s deep dissent regarding the economic situation is quite obvious and in such circumstances if the people are instigated by anyone the result can render enormous security concerns,” he said. (State-run Khabar Online website – May 27)
These remarks are made considering this reality that developments inside Iran are gaining speed and momentum, and people are demanding regime change.
The protests of farmers east of Isfahan had yet to settle when residents of Kazerun began their demonstrations. A short while afterwards locals of Shahroud rose in dissent and we are now witnessing the ongoing nationwide strike of tens of thousands of truck drivers in nearly 300 cities.
This is exactly why the state-run Bahar website describes the status quo as “difficult” and predicts “harsh days ahead,” adding “there is not much time left.”
At a time when Iranian regime officials are fully aware of the reasons behind the current crises engulfing the country, not a single official is willing to take a step forwards to resolve these matters, knowing they must forgo their own short-term self-interests.
The Iranian people are paying the price of this regime supporting terrorism and its continuous meddling in Syria, IraqYemen, Palestine and Lebanon. Yet Tehran simply cannot relinquish its Middle East influence.
The truth is the Iranian regime simply cannot resolve the status quo. If the mullahs retreat from the Middle East and begin responding to human rights concerns, it will be the beginning of the end. This is the impasse Tehran is facing with no light at the end of the tunnel.
In such an environment the Iranian people and their organized resistance expect the West to, even for their own interests and security, increase pressure the Iranian regime to end its support for terrorism, pull the Revolutionary Guards out of the region and end its Middle East meddling. Any relation with this regime must hinge on respecting human rights inside Iran and ending their interventionism abroad.
If the West rises to its duties or continues its appeasement vis-à-vis the Iranian regime, the Iranian people and their resistance will never forgo their rightful demands. Their efforts to establish freedom and democracy will redouble, and only this will bring peace to the region and the world.

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