Fifth consecutive day of anti-regime protests in Iran

Aug 4 city of Qum,Iran, night demonstration

Reported by PMOI/MEK
Iran, Aug. 4, 2018 - For the fifth consecutive night, protests against the Iranian regime’s mishandling of the country’s economy erupted in several cities. In Tehran, Iran’s capital, protesters gathered in College Street and chanted “Death to the dictator,” “Mullahs must get lost” and “Iranians, shout for your rights.”

In Qom, protesters are chanting “Death to the dictator” at Towhid Square and are confronting the security forces that have been dispatched to disperse the protesters. “Proud Iranians, show your support,” protesters are chanting.
According to reports obtained from inside Iran, during yesterday’s protests, security forces have killed one protester in Gohardasht, Karaj, where some of the most fierce clashes between protesters and security forces were reported in previous nights. The victim’s name was Reza Otadi. Videos from yesterday’s protests showed security forces firing at protesters from rooftops. Nonetheless, the people of Karaj came to the streets again tonight to shout their rage against the Iranian regime.

August 3 - Gohardasht-Karaj, #Iran Reza Otadi was shot and killed by security forces. The countrys brave protesters will continue his path to overthrow the mullahs ruthless regime.
 Gohardasht-Karaj, Iran Reza Otadi was shot and killed by security forces. The country's brave protesters will continue his path to overthrow the mullahs ruthless regime.

In Shiraz, people have gathered in groups and are encouraging protesters to join. “Show your pride,” the protesters are chanting. Protesters are wearing masks to avoid being identified by security forces. “If we keep our ranks tight, the security forces won’t be able to do anything,” one protester says.

10:30 PM CET: Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the NCRI, tweeted her support for the protesters in different cities of Iran, praising them for taking to the streets and chanting “Death to dictator” despite the Iranian regime’s heavy security presence.
Hail to arisen people & youth in , , , , & other cities who chanted “death to dictator” & persevere despite onslaught by criminal security, intelligence forces & plainclothes agents
In many cities, the slogans are directly aimed at Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader and highest authority of the Iranian regime. In Tehran’s Valiasr Street, people are chanting “Death to dictator” and “Seyyed Ali, it’s time for you to go.”

9:30 PM CET: The Iranian regime denies having killed Reza Otadi in yesterday’s protests. The IRGC-owned Fars News Agency declared that the killer of Reza Otadi, the protester who was killed in Karaj in yesterday’s protests, was an unidentified person shooting from inside a vehicle that did not belong to the government. Reports obtained by MEK’s network of activists inside Iran showed that security forces were shooting at protesters from rooftops during last night’s demonstrations.
In Karaj, protests continue despite the heavy presence of security forces. Protesters are shouting “Khamenei shame on you. Let go of the state.” Videos show security forces firing at protesters. Meanwhile, protesters are repelling the anti-riot police by throwing rocks at them.
In Qom, protesters are chanting, “The people are begging while [Khamenei] rules like God.” Qom is the religious center of the ruling mullahs and is home to Iran’s most important seminary.

In Ghahdarijan, Isfahan, protesters have set fire on vehicle tires in the middle of the street. In previous days, Ghahdarijan was one of the most active centers of protests and the Iranian regime’s security forces were not able to quell demonstrations. Tonight, the people of Ghahdarijan took to the streets again to shout their discontent with their rulers.

More videos of the August 4th protests in Iran are listed below for easy access:

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