Iran’s missile attack sought to cloak fear of uprising

Khamenei's grave concern, leaving him no option but to conduct missile strikes with no military value

The Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) went the distance on October 1st by launching six ballistic missiles aiming at targets located east of the Euphrates River in eastern Syria.
As the world witnessed after a similar missile attack by Tehran back in June, this time around rest assured we will once again see various regime officials, and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei himself begins to pound their chests in ridiculous shows of saber-rattling.
It is interesting how the Iranian regime’s military officials were quick to claim before cameras of killing “more than 40 senior Daesh/Islamic State commanders.”
Anyone even remotely familiar with military affairs understands the difficult nature of obtaining precise casualties reports and statistics after conducting a military raid of any nature. The mere fact that the Iranian regime needs to make such bogus claims in such short timing, and have these claims parroted throughout their controlled state media apparatus, proves this entire fiasco was nothing but a publicity stunt aimed at boosting the morale of their depleting forces inside Iran.
Of course, Khamenei is very well aware to target “Daesh” sites, knowing the nature of this “target” will not raise international criticism.
In the past, the Iranian regime would target the main opposition, the People's Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), as witnessed in July 2009, April 2011 and September of 2013, targeting this organization’s members in their previous home of Camp Ashraf, north of Baghdad in Iraq.
Now that PMOI/MEK members are no longer in the Iranian regime’s range, they’re forced to seek targets such as Daesh in Syria and dissident Iranian Kurdish groups in northern Iraq.
While various parties – mostly for their own interests – may claim these missile attacks by the Iranian regime are a show of strength, reports after this attack immediately showed how three of the six missiles launched by the Iranian regime actually failed and crash landed inside Iranian territory. Regime officials, seeking to cover up the humiliating nature of this turn of events, claimed only the missiles’ fuel parts separating from the warheads fell inside Iran.

Scenes from the site showed how their claims were complete lies.
Iran’s regime launches missiles and carries out such attacks to create quite a fuss and brouhaha, all aimed at rendering political propaganda. If the Iranian regime actually enjoyed the capability of carrying out such attacks against the United States, Israel or other countries across the region, why didn’t their forces respond to Israel’s 200+ air/missile attacks targeting its sites & proxy militia groups inside Syria?
If the Iranian regime had the capacity and capability to launch new adventurous wars, why is Khamenei insisting there will not be a new war in the region and no negotiations either?
This is where we realize that Khamenei’s main concern lies in the expanding nature of strikes by truck drivers across the country and protests evolving into a growing uprising against the mullahs’ rule.
With the November sanctions looming and the economy continuing to crumble, the mullahs’ regime is realizing more than ever before how the status quo is like nothing they’ve experienced in the past.
The role of protests across the country and PMOI/MEK-linked resistance units are becoming ever more important. This organized resistance movement is beginning to realize the country’s future without the mullahs’ regime.
This has the mullahs’ regime gravely concerned, with no other option but to conduct useless missile strikes lacking any military value and merely aimed to raise their own forces’ spirits.

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