Who will give permission for regime change in Iran?

PMOI-MEK is the force that can topple the mullahs' regime

Iran, November 16, 2018 - In one of his usual Friday prayer rants, Ahmad Khatami, a senior cleric in the power hierarchy of the Iranian regime warned, “The enemies are poised to overthrow the Islamic system.” Khatami, who did not dare mention who the “enemies” are, added, “Our knowledgeable people won’t permit the enemies to overthrow the system.”

A quick glance at fearful statements made by the Iranian regime’s authorities reveals where the permission for regime change is coming from.

In comments that betrayed the true fear of his agents from the bleak future of the regime, Mahmood Alavi, the head of the Ministry of Intelligence & Security (MOIS), said, “The best passive defense against the enemy is to insist on our beliefs.”

Alavi, who was trying to give a morale boost to his troops, added, “Don’t be afraid of the power of enemy! We must stand against our enemy by relying on our national potentials.”

Mohammad Reza Khatami, a regime authority with close ties to Hassan Rouhani, admitted “Due to the social situation, the views of the people, international economic situation, we believe that the country is going to collapse like car that is falling down a ledge.”

Khatami also added, “Maybe most the people are protesting and have grievances. It might also include ordinary people. They say that we’re fed up with this regime, and we want another ruling regime. But how? With whom?”

Pointing out to main enemy, Khatami said, “Why am I against regime change? With whom we want to change the regime? Revolution with PMOI/MEK? I see a darkness on the horizon in this situation.”

“There’s no need to be worried about the overthrowing by a foreign force. It doesn’t work at all. The real threat is from inside the country,” Khatami added.

Hassan Abbasi, a strategist in Ali Khamenei the supreme leader faction shed light on the name of the force that has the “permission for the regime change.” Abbasi stressed, “PMOI/MEK holds gatherings in Paris. You’ve certainly seen it. U.S. officials take part in the gathering. They gather their forces from all of Europe. They don’t tell jokes there. They say they are going to change the regime in Iran.”

Abbasi discussed the timing of regime change and the force that can topple the regime saying, “The time of regime change is when our currency crashes and drives people in the streets for another uprising. People will stand in face of the government, and who is behind all of this? PMOI/MEK.”

The fact is that words of fear stated by the regime elements depict the fact that the Iranian people and their legitimate resistance PMOI/MEK have brought the regime to the severe crisis of toppling and left no escape for the regime.

The crisis has brought the regime daily nightmares, and the regime elements describe it as “darkness on the horizon”, “regime change” etc.

In this situation, the regime is facing continuous protests and strikes. Day after day, more strata of the society raise their voice against the regime. Moreover, resistance units inside Iran have increased their activities against the regime, steering the protests and strikes in the correct direction to meet the final success.

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