Iran: Escalating protests sweeping many cities

Iran Protests, December 18, 2018

Iran: Escalating protests sweeping many cities
Reported by PMOI/MEK

Iran, Dec. 18, 2018 - As the Iranian regime’s economic concerns and international isolation grow, turmoil inside the country is also on the rise with protests expanding to many cities on a daily basis.
Municipality workers of Borujerd, western Iran, rallied on Monday for the seventh consecutive day. They are protesting the fact that their paychecks have been delayed for the past nine months.
In Bandar Mahshahr of southwest Iran, employees of the Farabi petrochemical site rallied again on Monday demanding an increase in their wages.
In Karaj, west of Tehran, personnel of the Khomeini Hospital continued their rallies demanding officials provide their paychecks that have been delayed for the past 18 months. In an effort to make ends meet, many of the protesters are literally resorting to new occupations, such as driving taxis, cleaning people’s homes and working as private nurses.

Iranian regime authorities also dispatched two vehicles full of security forces to the Sarcheshme copper complex in the city of Rafsanjan, central Iran, to prevent any possible protests.
In Tehran, expelled college students studying medicine rallied outside the regime’s Majlis (parliament) and protested their unjust expulsion from school.
In Behbahan, southwest Iran, a group of workers affiliated to the Arivbarzan dam rallied on Monday, protesting not receiving their paychecks for the past six months.
In Isfahan, central Iran, authorities installed a mobile police trailer with security units near the Shahpour loading station to prevent the truck drivers from holding a protest rally.
It is worth noting that December 17th in Iran is the National Transportation Day, explaining why regime officials were on high alert about any such rallies staged by truck drivers across the country.

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