Don’t be afraid, write it down

March 10, 2019 - The activities of the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK resistance units inside Iran has escalated in number and quality of their tasks.
One of the activities resistance units carry out is writing slogans against the mullahs’ regime on walls of public places. This may sound easy for someone who is not living in Iran.
But living in a dictatorial system that uses any capacities in the country to impose the atmosphere of fear makes it very hard for you to protest politically against the regime and target the heart of the beast ruling the country. What do I mean by saying “heart of the beast”?
In the last phase of its life, the regime is trying to maintain its power and not trigger any tension in the angry society. The ruling mullahs know that any tension and unrest in the society can easily lead to a nationwide uprising and challenge their regime’s domination. So while the regime is conducting its policies, ranging from the export of terrorism outside the country, to control the country using crackdown, the regime’s policy is to bear simple economic and social protests and open the “safety valve” to extinguish the fire of people’s anger from the dictatorship.
Meanwhile, having the smallest link to the Iranian opposition PMOI/MEK is the mullah’s absolute red line. The regime knows that even a simple economic and social protest which has any relation to PMOI/MEK is aimed at regime change in Iran. Therefore, even the simple writing of slogans on walls against the dictatorship and in favor of PMOI/MEK cracks the dome of suppression, showing the people the light rays of regime change and democracy. This is something the regime does not tolerate, and its response to such measures is an iron fist: arresting, torturing, heavy and long-term prison sentences, and the death penalty.
Here is the story of a resistance unit in Iran sent to PMOI/MEK while writing a slogan on the wall:
The street was empty and I could hear my breath. I was fully aware of any sound and movement so I stood in the way that I could keep an eye on the street. I was shaking the spray paint under my coat to keep it ready when I reached the place.
I reached the location, the wall that I wanted to write on it. I wrote the slogan on the wall quickly and I started to sign it by writing the name of my resistance unit. I was signing on the wall when I was suddenly surprised by the sound of the whistle. The sound was coming from the buildings across the street. In a split second, I reviewed the plans that I will confront… what is that? The whistle could draw attention to me and get me into trouble. I turned around looking for the source of the sound, but I could hardly find it through my steamy sunglasses. The person stopped whistling, probably because of my reaction.
I quickly finished signing my handiwork and filmed it to later broadcast it.
When I was leaving the location, a loud voice rose:
‘Don’t be afraid, write it down; don’t be afraid, write slogans!’ a voice said.
I realized that the whistle was to encourage me to continue my work. I felt heartened by the support and I wanted to reply …but I couldn’t and I had to leave the location immediately.
We didn’t know each other, but I felt that we were very close. On my way back home, the voice kept echoing in my mind: Don’t be afraid, write it down!
As if it was a command by my suppressed people, tired of 40 years of tyranny and not having their voice heard. They were telling me to be their voice.

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