News show sanctions haven't affected Iran coronavirus crisis

April 2020—The Iranian regime claims that international sanctions have hampered its ability to import medicine to fight the coronavirus crisis in Iran.

A glance at its state-run news agencies shows that the regime has imported tons of medicine and medical equipment just within 2 months. However, the regime hoards many medicines & medical equipment imports and reports indicate that it sells the humanitarian aid it receives at several times the cost.

Germany, France & the UK—March 2, 2020—A consignment of French aid items, prepared with the financial participation of France, Germany and the UK, was sent to Tehran from Paris by Iran Air.

WHO—March 2, 2020—7.5 tons of medical equipment with a $300,000 value

Russia—March 10, 2020—50,000 coronavirus testing kits

Qatar—March 13, 2020—Two 13-ton cargos

Japan—March 13, 2020—$23 million of medical aid

UNICEF—March 16, 2020—Three cargos, each weighing several tons, of medical and protective equipment to combat the coronavirus from UNICEF's International Logistic Center in Copenhagen

Uzbekistan—March 16, 2020—A plane full of humanitarian aid

Turkey—March 17, 2020—Turkey sent a shipment of sanitary supplies to Iran, including several thousand garments and protective equipment

Kuwait—March 17, 2020—$10 million humanitarian aid

UAE—March 17, 2020—Two sanitation cargos transported by two airplanes

Georgia—March 18, 2020—A humanitarian shipment from the Pharmacists' Association was sent to Iran to deal with Corona

France—March 18, 2020—The French BIP sent a package of medical systems and suits to Iran

France—March 22, 2020—The first charter airplane of the Doctors Without Borders left for Tehran with equipment such as a makeshift hospital, medicine, masks and special medical suits

UNHCR—March 23, 2020—" 4.4 tonnes of much-needed medical aid items, including supplies to support the COVID-19 response in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The Airbus A330-200 arrived at  Khomeini Airport in Tehran from Frankfurt"

EU—March 23, 2020—The EU donated $21.5 million of humanitarian aid to Iran

China—April 4, 2020—"Medical, sanitation and medicine equipment to combat the coronavirus, including protective suits, masks, respiratory systems and disinfectants that were, in order, 1600 kg, 14.5 tons and $576,000

500 pre-made hospital rooms

A hospital waste disposal device ($1 m.)"

It is very clear that the regime’s goal from easing the sanctions is nothing but to find more cash for funding terrorism and expanding the life of its dictatorship.

However, while the Iranian Resistance calls for sending international aid to the Iranian people, it stresses that the aid must be given to hospitals directly, without any interference of the regime.

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